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    You call me your friend, but you were there went it happened. You claim that it was my fault, that I became distant but what do you really know about what happened? I hate myself every day, I tried to kill myself countless times, yet you didn’t notice. You claim you were a good friend, how come I didn’t feel the same? How does no one notice a walking dead person, how does an entire school, friends and strangers, not notice someone who needs help. Someone who is unable to go on living. I just think to myself, how could things have been different? What if I let everything go? I think, why cant I let it go when I desperately need to? Its been years, and yet I still think about it; am I holding on, or are things not over with?
    WHEN will they be over with?
    WHEN will I let go?
    When will I stop crying thinking about what happened?
    When will I be able to breathe again?

    I don’t think i’ll ever be okay.

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    1. Dreamcatcher
      April 19, 2017 at 1:29 pm

      I am not a native speaker of English so please don’t mind if I make any mistakes.
      I do not know what happened to you but I am here to help whenever you need to talk.
      As you already mentioned: you need help. Have you tried talking to someone professional?
      Stay strong. You’ll get through this.

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