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    Eyes make contact. Bodies starting to react as our eyes stay locked. We slowly draw closer towards each other. We are hesitant but can’t fight the pull that the chemistries create. We wrap our arms around each other. No words spoken. I take my hand and move your hair back off of your neck. I want to smell your warm sweet neck. You tilt your head to the side. I can feel your body tremble as I take in a deep breath. Your eyes roll back and you moan a light moan. My lips press against your soft skin. My body throbs and a aches. Your hands travel Down my shirt as you unbutton each button. My hand un buttons yours. We are anxious for our bodies to press together. Breast to breast. Our mouths kissing hard and deep as if we haven’t eaten in a week. I reach down to touch your wet. Your hand touching touching mine. Still no words have been spoken. No need our eyes saying it all. We slip inside. Our moans releasing in the air. Thrusting deeper and faster, sweat running down our hot flush skin.

    Why do you look at me like that? Can you feel it likE I can?
    I’m. I’m going to take it slow. Who knows maybe you will come to me….

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      Who is this for? No hint?!

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