• Exe’s White Trash Family

    by  • April 17, 2017 • The Ex • 1 Comment

    Dear White Trash,
    You people are the worst people I have ever met. What kind of father accepts drugs from his clients as a thank you gift and gives them to his children? You’re a goddamn defense attorney and you think it’s okay to accept it and keep it in your home?! Your son had to go to rehab. Your kids can’t go a day without smoking weed and they can’t go a weekend without snorting coke. Great parenting skills.
    You’re a shitty mother. The way your children treat you AFTER you got out of the hospital for a cancer scare is atrocious. You raised your son to be an emotionally abusive, blackmailing piece of shit. Your daughter uses her mental disorder to get away with being a rude, inconsiderate bitch. You spent over 400K on their education and your kids amounted up to nothing. Instead of wasting your time painting, go back and fix your goddamn mistakes. You and your husband still have a duty to put them on the right path.
    Shitty Ex, you are a piece of shit. Blackmail, emotional abuse, underage porn, drugs, cheating. You slept with a stripper and knocked her up. What adult is dumb enough to screw a sex worker? Your friends are utter shitstains. Why are they sending you pictures of their underage gf’s? Your mom says your best friends is a good bullshitter. The nicest thing your own mother can say about your BEST FRIEND is that he’s a good liar. You should not be giving relationship advice.

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    1. Lona lom
      April 18, 2017 at 4:30 pm

      please report him and his friends for the underage porn!

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