• Dear Friend.

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    Dearest Friend,
    I have been thinking about this a lot recently and finally I may be able to say it. Your boyfriend is a Jerk. He is the biggest jerk to me. And Everyone around you sees it. I know you like him. And I know he has a “crappy” home life but I dont care. K you’re still my best friend and one of the few people on this whole entire planet earth I care about. You’ve been there for me through multiple breakups, when I needed a friend. You’ve taught me to trust.. And this is something that’s hard for me. I want to tell you everything but avoid the trouble that would cause.
    A heartbroken friend

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    1. Long memory
      April 13, 2017 at 6:10 am

      Dear broken heart,

      I feel really bad about your situation because I can relate to having a third party decimate friendships. One of my closest friends from early childhood who was like a brother to me was manipulated by his cow of a future wife because she didn’t like the way I treated her alchoholic sister. He and I were friends for decades and his girlfriend and my now wife were like sisters. On the night that she was making her wedding favors with her bridal party, fate took her away when an 18 wheeler ran a red light and crushed her car and our dear Lisa as well. In steps this slob of an Irish beast and catches my man on the rebound. At first all is fine, we were actually part of a 25 person group of friends that always had a great time and Bessie seemed to fit right in with us. Then, very slowly, she injected her family into the mix, I guess they were close, as close as the nearest bottle. Her fucking hatchet faced sister and disfunctional pussy of a husband starting being part of the package and were welcome at first. We even would invite her and her two kids to my sons birthday parties and this was when her true shit side appeared. One year, he was turning 3, we had booked a woman who did a mother goose type character to entertain the kids, just something different. The kids were having a lot of fun and I was helping get the food together when ole hatchet face, with drink in hand, says ” I hope you didn’t pay a lot for her, she is passing out some really cheap party favors”. It was the little trinkets and candy from a piñata and I looked at her and asked “What were you expecting? Video games?”
      “No, but there just cheesy looking” Ok, no problem.
      Next year we choose not to invite hatchet face and the cow tells one of my closest bros from youth, if my sister isn’t invited, we ain’t going either and then plans an adult party and invites all our invited friends who were childless at the time. Our true blue group still showed but some did not and thus the group started to slowly implode. That entire cadre of friends is gone now, my friend only associates with the cows clan and between pot and alchohol he is numb 90% of his life. So fuck you cow, glad your hair is falling out you skank and I hope your Shithead sister drops dead with her asshole, banjo picking, bluegrass gay jerkoff of a husband. This cunt, by the way, sucker punched my wife at a mutual friends party years after all this shit went down and her piece of shit husband played lookout for her. I had already left as I was working the next day. She didn’t tell me about for fear I would have went berserk and killed some Mick drunks. He still has his judgement day coming, I don’t forget and never forgive Mike!

      It does suck, but it does happen.



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