• New beginnings

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    Here’s to new beginnings.
    A new chapter in my life.
    One without you or him or any of my exes.
    One where I will learn to love myself again
    One where I will learn to build up all the confidence you took away from me when you called me fat or said I was poison.
    One where I can happily be in my own skin.
    One where I’m not constricted to not enjoying things.
    One where depression no longer exists.
    One where I can focus on being healthy again.
    One where I’m happy.
    I know it’ll take time but I’ll make it.
    And it’ll be without any of you
    Just me
    On my own
    I’ll do this for myself because you all damaged me so badly.
    I owe it to me
    Ill make my parents proud and make something out of my self
    and you never know maybe I’ll learn to love another
    But it won’t ever be you or him or any of the exes.
    He’ll love me for me, warts and all.
    I hate to admit it
    But I’ll always be the best thing you never had.
    Kudos BITCHES šŸ˜€
    This will be MY new chapter.

    Word of advice for anyone going through a hard time whether it be divorce or a breakup or even being betrayed by those who you hold closest. It WILL get better with time. I know it’s easy to say but believe in yourself.Get professional help if you need to .
    Trust me I’ve been there but I’ve learned to cope and it destroyed me at one point, I didn’t even want to live but then I thought fuck you all I need to live for myself and make something before I leave this troublesome world. I got professional help and it helped but not to the point where I was ‘cured’. It was only the start of an amazing journey. I’ve had many setbacks and gained over 5 stones in the process but I’ll get back to being me and being happy. Just take it an hour at a time, a day at a time, a week at a time, whatever works best for you. Remember only YOU matter. People will say they care but only YOU can save YOURSELF. They will help but it’s you that will make the biggest change in yourself.

    Peace x

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