• I’m Sorry

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    I’m sorry I decided to do it now, even though we still have 2 months. I didn’t think there’d be a good chance like now again with the coincidence.
    I’m sorry you’re in pain. I’m in more pain, I just have more room to hide it because I’m hollow on the inside now.

    I’m sorry I can’t explain what’s going on. That would break my promise to you.
    I’m sorry I lied. I had to for your sake. It’s the only way.
    I’m sorry I can’t remind you what our promise was. That was part of the promise.
    I’m sorry I can’t fix everything. I would if I could.
    I’m sorry I am not perfect. I try.
    I’m sorry I am not who you deserve. I tried.
    I’m sorry I made this decision. But it is up to me to be strong enough for us both.
    I’m sorry I have to go away for a while. Hopefully I will be back, some sunny day.
    I’m sorry I wasn’t there at the beginning. In another time and place, I am.
    I’m sorry I haven’t tried to argue back. I am supposed to lose this argument.
    I’m sorry I make it seem like I don’t care. I really do.

    I forgive you for anything you’ve done to me. You didn’t mean to. It made me stronger when I needed it most. So thank you. I hope one day you can forgive me back.

    Not in Cruelty, not in wrath;
    The reaper Hovered this way.
    But an angel visited One gray path,
    And Saved my gem that day.

    I love you forever ladybug.


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