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    New beginnings

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    Here’s to new beginnings. A new chapter in my life. One without you or him or any of my exes. One where I will learn to love myself again One where I will learn to build up all the confidence you took away from me when you called me fat or said I was poison.


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    I don’t know why you get a letter; none of my friends have received one. Something inside of me wanted to write one to you – despite me knowing that you most likely really don’t care Putting it plainly, if you’ve received this, I’m dead. I know right, so straight to the point. I mostly

    Stronger relationship?

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    I came across something today that struck me. It was about how relationships with more quarrels tend to be stronger. It’s not the fighting that strengthens the relationship, it said. The article claimed that it was what happens afterward. The make up stage, where two people realize that their relationship is more important than their


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    It’s your fault too I cried for your help, hell, when I got with him, you knew what a dick he was, yet you still left me, you didn’t care what would happen to me, as long as you felt better about yourself. It was obvious that I was in an abusive relationship; I wasn’t

    I’m Sorry

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    I’m sorry I decided to do it now, even though we still have 2 months. I didn’t think there’d be a good chance like now again with the coincidence. I’m sorry you’re in pain. I’m in more pain, I just have more room to hide it because I’m hollow on the inside now. I’m sorry