• Irl

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    In real life I don’t hear from you, unfortunately.
    Irl, you don’t need me to guess.
    But in my head…Oh! In my fantasies,
    You and I are together
    In secret.

    You’ve made it clear to me that I am family,
    An uncrossable boundary.
    But to me,
    In my head…
    You love me.
    And I can help you.

    In my mind you want me
    To be there for you.
    You talk to me there
    And open up to me
    And let me get to know you
    The real you that you hide from me.

    I’m sorry that you love her.
    I’m sorry that I love him.
    I’m sorry that we can’t be two frolicking kids.
    I’m sorry I love you.
    I’m sorry you don’t love me.
    I’m sorry we can’t t be the two lovers
    That my mind can see.

    Goodnight my sweet prince.
    I will love you forever. Even if you don’t love me.

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