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    I feel like I may never hear from you again which is fine if that’s what you want, just never thought you held this much hate towards me.
    I feel like I can’t even look at you anymore because I don’t want you to know or even have any hint that I may still care towards you when you very likely don’t about me. But I still do anyway.
    If I moved far, far away would it still be the same?
    Yes I have to admit I have not responded to your advances in the past as I don’t know whether I can trust you.
    I would very much like to, but you know, I just don’t know.
    I may never know what I am to you, what you think of me.
    Do you still drive by or take an alternate route? Not sure I would have the guts to drive by yours, although may have walked near a few times when doing my own thing. Sometimes however, walked a long way round to get to where I needed to go to avoid seeing you or you seeing me because I felt like you completely despised me.

    I guess my question is: after all of this time have you given up on me? Maybe, I started to give up on you but would never completely. That is true fact.

    So wish that we could see each other when both alone so could maybe talk?

    What do you want though?
    Always hoping I might hear from you one day. But take responsibility that it’s me as well that may have stopped that in the past.

    Hope you’re doing okay xx

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    1. S
      March 28, 2017 at 8:42 pm

      I too would like to talk. Just to tell you what I’ve learned since we stopped talking and to clear some things up. How can we do that? Can you give me a hint? Sincerely.

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