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    Made to feel shit unless you have a man. Had a man then “lost” a man. Made to feel shit cos you couldn’t keep a man. Have a man and he’s amazing because he’s not an asshole and society makes you aware always that you’re lucky cos you have a “great guy”. Boy do you make sure you let everyone know how great he is coz…You know. .. You’re lucky, but is he ever lucky cos he has a great girl? What’s a great guy? He washes the dishes, doesn’t beat you and does something nice for you once in a while. He respects you. What’s a great girl? Not the one that washes the dishes, doesn’t beat you and does something nice for you once in a while and respects you. No… That’s just a normal woman. That’s the least that’s expected. Here’s a great woman: independent, loving, giving, not too demanding yet not a push over, able to hold a compelling and interesting conversation, great cook, takes care of herself (makes sure she looks good), makes you feel like a man, takes care of all that administrative shit like makes sure the bills are paid on time, makes that house a home, looks after the kids…a real mother you know…Not too much to ask right?

    Will it ever change?

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    1. oh yeah
      March 28, 2017 at 1:14 am

      Yeah, the whole ‘aren’t you lucky you’ve got a great husband’ just because he showed up, used to piss me off no end. He did effing nothing but at least he worked, right? So did I. At least he never cheated (so he says) – neither did I. He never ever looked after OUR kids but I was the lucky one? NO, He was the lucky one. I did every single thing so that man never had to lift a finger. All he did was walk out the door every morning and come back in at night and fall asleep. God, these ‘good’ men aren’t even up to par with most women and what they have to do in a day. You’ll never get thanked for it either – it’s expected of women. But if a man even lifts a damn finger everyone jumps up and down like he’s just split the damn atom. Give me a damn break. AND they expect all that praise too, while never appreciating everything you do so that their life is easy.

      I’m so glad I’m out of that situation. I was a better parent without that succubus snoring on the couch. I didn’t need another kid – I needed a partner in every way and just because he had a job and didn’t hit me ( he swore, spat and pushed though) did not make him a good man. I had a job and I never hit him. Plus I did every other damn thing – what does that make me? A sucker. That’s what.

    2. Ass
      March 29, 2017 at 4:13 pm

      Boo fucking hoo. Some men work hard and let us flip it round, if you do all that, you get a “yeah and what” you women would flip out. You think you are special?
      For years you all act like it is a juggling act you all manage we can’t. Newsflash, baby,changing, feeding,bringing up, pmt partner, 6am starts, asshole boss, late finishes. Spend time with my child every damn day, there to pick my child up from school, nursery and spend time reading, writing,teaching,playing, go do the grocery run, do the household bills, every cent i spend goes on partner,home,child.
      Do i expect recognition and praise? Nope, but i don’t expect some people who are bitter to shit on it then expect themselves to get a pat on the back. Some women had to stay at home because they dont want a full time job, choice. Some women expect they get the monetary benefits, the greater child bond, but the man who can’t be there, to pay for it by accusations and assholery. Why did my ass of a man leave?

      Maybe because damn, you didn’t have time for sex or intimacy, maybe because you wanted to whine all the time, because you wanted your way all the time, because you didn’t want to talk over problems and if you did, he was automatically wrong.

      My my your partner may be bad, correction may have been, but let us not put your angle out the window, because it is never one sided. Like you walked in one day and he changed? Hell no, you knew him before you married him, so what went wrong.
      Maybe you are better off without him, but before people flip off and flip out, maybe take a sensible look at themselves at what they are doing or not, then have a actual conversation with a partner and then make choices.

      But sounds just like bitterness. Maybe the image of what was, is what people mean by you are lucky, lucky to have a love that seems so right, when they do not. But always the bitterness craves the darker angle, the negative meaning of a nice or at worst empty statement.

      I dont think it is special doing what needs be done, i want to do what i do, so neither man nor woman is special or deserving of praise. But if they are appearing to be good people, then saying lucky you is no crime. And if we want our partners, then cutting it off when times are tough rather than working on it is just too easy and is the lazy ass answer

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