• Dead Dad

    by  • March 25, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Abuse • 0 Comments

    Hello Dad,

    It’s been a while. 9 years to ve exact since we last saw each other. Nine years since you told me you didn’t need to seeme aymore. Nine years since I decided not to put up with your everlasting manipulation, victim-playing… nine years since I choose me over you.

    I wondered for a long time why I was put through al that. I’ve questioned God, myself, the universe. Was it al just dumb luck that I endedup with the shitty parents?
    I’ve hated you for what you did. I’ve resented it. I’ve wished you dead. I still won’t mind hearing you’re dead.
    Eventually, to save my own saity, I forgave you and stopped thinking about you.

    But I never thanked you for everything. And I should.
    Because you taught me what to look out for in a guy. You, unwittingly, taught me to be strong and not end up like my mother. For al the bad years we’ve had, you gave me the strength and courage to walk away from a guy that was unhealthy for me. You taught me true independence.
    You taught me I don’t need anybody to be happy and that I come first in my own life.

    So thank you dad, for puttng me through years of abuse.

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