• …. oh , sigh, where art thou, sweet maiden?

    by  • March 23, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    the waves of time wash over us… i miss your face and your smile,
    the sound of your voice, your laugh, everything about you,
    i held my heart out for you and allowed it be shattered,
    and then stepped on and crushed some more.
    i know we both hurt each other and i am deeply sorrowful for my actions too,
    it is no contest, no comparison i just want to let my heart vent some…
    ah, so much bottled up emotion when it comes to you L… ,

    …somehow sometime hopefully soon,
    i want to see you again
    i want to repair (or start to repair) this deep wound
    i want to reconcile
    i want hug you, for like a solid couple of minutes and just cry,
    well, i don’t want to do that lol but if we ever saw each other,
    after all this time,in all brutal honesty, i would cry.

    i wanna be with you go on adventures with you
    i wanna grow old with you,
    i need you,
    every other girl is just a smokescreen to me,
    you are the real deal.

    I miss you so much


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