• My dear “N”

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    Hello. How you been?
    I saw your pics, you just graduated from College. Congrats to you!
    I miss the old days.
    2013, I was a quiet seventeen years old girl who just graduated from High School and been approved in the Uni for IT graduation.
    At first I felt a little bit lost but I could catch up, make friends, have an indentity for myself.
    You poke me to make contact and I was a little startled and shouted: OH HEY!
    We became close friends.
    And, I remember when you started showing some interest towards me.
    The most explicit hint was when we were cursing at the weather and you said: “I can hug you. If you want, I’ll kiss you..”
    I lost any reactions, I lost my train of thoughts.
    And now, four years later, I finally opened my eyes and paid some attention to it.
    I wish I could turn back time… To hug you and say Yes, kiss you. And then after some time hanging out, kissing… We would date and be in a relationship.
    I missed this chance.
    I’m sorry if I hurt you or broke your heart.
    I feel bad.
    It hurts.
    I thought about it for most part of the day.
    I hope you’re okay.. And if you want to chat a bit, my FB chat box is open.
    I guess you found somebody, maybe you’re in relationship.. Even if it’s too late for me, I’m happy for you.

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