• An Unexpected Meeting

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    Dear B,

    I never thought I’d see you again, truth be told. It’s been 4 years and it would be a lie if I said I never thought about you at least weekly for those past years. Though I had been dreaming of meeting you again, talking, catching up, never have I thought our encontour would be at a McDonald’s carpark. Funny isn’t it? I had just finished my tutoring session and had decided to get a quick snack from Mcdonalds. Then half way through my packet of chicken mcbites, I look up and see you. You, who is less than 5 metres away from me. You, with the brightest smile I have seen in my entire life, your hands up in the air waving enthusiastically at me. Me. Shocked, and surprised that such a situation led to this. An unexpected meeting. Your face lit up, so brightly I was scared it was just an illusion, that you weren’t really there and my mind had just conjured your image to deceive me, but no, it was really you. With all your tallness, and things. Then seeing you walk away, I wondered, did you feel that too? Did you feel your heart swell at the sight of me the way mine did you? How unreal it was for us to meet at the most unlikely place? Did you know that you still carried my heart? Even after years of silence between us? I miss you, I do. Terribly. And had it not been for my seatbelt that was supposed to protect me from a crash but also restricted me from moving and you walking away so quickly, I would have ran into your arms where I had felt the most safest and contentness. But I suppose it wasn’t to be, I stayed at that parking lot for the longest time debating on what I should do next: leave as quickly as possible, afraid that my heart will only be broken. Or stay and wait until you come back, unsure if you were coming back but your radiant smile had kept me there, the memory now etched into my heart. But alas, I thought it was best I go. Afraid for my poor heart, that it would be heart would be in more pain. But as I drove away, getting further and further from that McDonald’s parking lot, I thought, I could never think of McDonald’s the same way again. That brief moment with you had me up and down, side to side, dizzy. And when I go by that McDonald’s branch again, I won’t be able to help but hope that maybe, just maybe, I would see you again. You, with your radiant smile and enthusiastic wave.

    Dare I hope it would be more than just a hello?


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    1. wa lapisa wa itse
      March 23, 2017 at 8:35 pm

      Ao Tony. Tota ke eng mare ka wena.

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