• The One I love

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    I can not explain how much I love you there are just no words. I Love you more then you would ever understand more then you will ever know. I hope we are together forever I know I’m only 16 but that’s ok, I am pretty sure I know what love is and I’m pretty sure you do to, You might be a year younger who really cares age is nothing when you really love someone. I love you like a bird loves to fly, I love you like the moon needs the sky. You make my world go round and round making me need and want you more with every passing day. I love telling you things and you understanding. You help me through think and thin when I need it the most you are there for me no matter what. Im lucky that I found a guy such as you. I lay in your lap and doze off a little bit you don’t move you just sit there and let me do what I want. When we hug I wish to never let go because when I’m in your arms I’m home I feel safe. Your the one love that I want the one that I need. I love you with all my heart my soul and mind. You make me the happiest girl in the world you know how to light my day up with just a single word. I love to hear you say I love you baby girl and when I rest in your arms there is no where else I wanna be. You know my past but you don’t care you want me here and now I don’t need a past to define me I need a guy like you to help me find who I really am. You have thought me to love and when someone loves me. You have said so many things I love to hear your already thinking about a future with me which is amazing because I’m doing the same. I wanna be yours forever and always maybe your wife and have some kids. Yes I know it’s a while form now baby but I think we can last when I’m with you I can’t help but smile you make me feel so good about myself. You tell me your fat but really baby your not your the best thing I could ever have. The one I’m in love with the one I need in my life you make me feel great about myself when I don’t think I am, You tell me there is no one as good as me. I love when you say that to me it makes me happy to know you thank that.There really is no way to tell you how truly i love you so. You are mine and forever mine I sure hope you feel the same.

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