• Step One: Falling for a friend

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    What else is there to say? I love you. I have been hiding it for at least two years now. This entire thing is crazy. When we dropped into each other’s lives I didn’t know what I had been missing. And then… BOOM! You fell in front of me like a grenade! You seemed genuinely interested in me, in who I am. You seemed to care about more than just yourself and your possessions, and that is so rare in this cold world.

    Then as we got to know each other on a deeper level, I started to notice so many things. Little coincidences, yet there were too many to deny. And then one day as you were walking by, our eyes met… My stomach flip flops and for the next week or so I was in a daze like a trance. I could think of nothing but those eyes and how that split second seemed to change everything I thought I once knew. It was like the door to a different world opened up for me. All from one glance that brought on a trance that I am beginning to believe I will never escape from.

    I spent a year trying to decipher the signs. The 11:11’s. The 444’s. The 555’s. Everyone I mentioned it to thought I was nuts. I spent a year wondering why you had come to me now? Who you were? What did the dreams all mean? Why couldn’t I erase you?

    Then it happened. I was still trying to figure out who you are and why you seemed to fill my dreams and fantasies when I lost it. He passed away. The one man that I knew would love me until his last breath. The one man that I knew held me above all others and taught me how a man loves a female. My Daddy passed away, and for the first time everything fell onto my shoulders and mine alone. Sure, some acted as if they were there. But you. You and less than a handful of others jumped into action to actually SHOW you cared and that you were there. Step one complete.

    To be continued…

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