• Letting You Go

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    Today, I looked at your FB page and to see if you had accepted my friend request. The last time I saw you was at the falls in 2012. What killed me inside is what I found today. You died in 2013. A year later and you were dead. All this time I had been writing letters to you hoping that you would see and now I find out that your dead. It’s heartbreaking, because I do remember you and you were friends with my brother. I just found out too late. They say you died of a broken heart. The thought of that hurts. You were so young and full of life. You were caring and you cared about me. You cared about her too. You were happy with her and that’s what really counted. But I’ll never be able to tell you that I cared for you too and that I still do.

    I’m in shock right now. All those years before thinking you were just ignoring me after all that we had been through and I find out the harshest truth that you couldn’t, because you passed away. I can finally rest in peace knowing that the pain and heartache is no longer making you suffer.

    I will never forget you. Always in my heart to stay.


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    1. SJ
      March 19, 2017 at 10:18 pm

      Sorry for your loss xo

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