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    i have wondered many times on why i was so intrigued by you the first moment i saw you, or how you can make my heart flutter with that stupid smile of yours. i have always wondered why i felt this way about you, why i’m not myself and myself at the same time with you. for 2 years i was always wondering, but aside all those cute, lovey-dovey things that i question so much; i also wondered when will i be enough for you because you still kept looking around and not straight and only focused on me. i had high hopes for us, although i knew it would come to an end but i never thought that i would be sooner than expected. i wondered when you’ll get tired of holding on to me just to keep me to yourself… and the day came.February 14th, 2016. my heart was crushed that day, when those words came out of your lips… those lips that i used to love kissing. i was relieved but sadness took over me, i was so disappointed with myself. why? why did i let myself be okay with someone holding on to me just because of their own selfish reasons and not because they love me. why did i fell for your sweet coffee cup words and your warm brown eyes? why did i fell in love with you? and now that its been a year and i’m happy with someone new.. i finally knew why i kept wondering all these time. i was simply young and stupidly in love. it wasn’t a mistake i grew because of it, i learned a lot from you; from us. but until today… im still wondering why my mind kept running back to you, sometimes with anger, annoyance, curious, but most of the time… no emotion at all.

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