• Friends..

    by  • March 19, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Goodbye • 0 Comments

    I know we had to leave one day. I’ve always pretended it would never happen or it’d be years away. I wish we end up in the same place sometime again. At least we’re both leaving soon, so it doesn’t feel like you’re leaving me behind.

    I will always wonder if, in a different world we could have been more than just friends.

    We’ve seen the best and worst of each other over the years. I don’t think there’s anything we don’t know about each other and that is so special. The laughter and tears we’ve shared over wine doesn’t even start to cover it.

    I hope you stay in touch, but I’m scared. Scare you’ll disappear being too busy to make time for us – either phone or in person. But if it happens, I really hope it won’t, then please, don’t forget the moments we share. They’ll always be so precious to me.

    I’ll never stop loving you. I’ll never forget. Thank you for everything.

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