• A letter to my colleague whom I secretly love…

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    We sit next to each other, we greet each other every morning, we compliment each other on our attire or that new hairstyle, we help each other out with work and we do what almost every colleague would do, that get along really well. There can never be a moment when we are reluctant to share our thoughts with each other. It is the perfect work setting. Our work can sometimes be really stressful and there are always moments when we sit really close for a tete-a-tete to clear our minds. The more of such moments I spend with you, I feel I get to know you better and it makes me feel really happy about having you by my side.

    Over the months, I have really grown to like you in many ways. The way you talk, walk, dress, your sense of humour, your choice of food and your idiosyncrasies. I find everything about you impeccably pleasant and superbly wonderful. I even get butterflies in my stomach when you smile at me. I’m however not a very open person and wouldn’t want to make work life uncomfortable, hence I haven’t told you about my feelings.

    I go into work every morning looking for you to reciprocate the way I feel about you that would make it obvious you share similar feelings. There are times I cannot really tell whether you’re just being nice to me or trying to tell me something more. Looking ahead, I can definitely see a long-term commitment and future to us but this like any relationship would need take two to make it work. Life is short and I cannot think of spending it with anyone else but you. Being with you will make me really happy and I hope you would feel the same way. I really wish I could give you the world right now but unfortunately I’m no millionaire. I’ll treat you like a princess however and grant as many of your wishes as I can. I’ll stop envisioning any more in this letter and would like to end by saying that I’m deeply in love with you.

    Should you ever come across this letter and know how I feel, I want you to know that I’d be really happy for you irrespective of whether you feel the same way towards me.

    With feelings
    A secret admirer

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