• To Taylor: the tweaker I fell in love with.

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    I’m not going to ask why you keep doing it.
    It has it’s hold on you.

    You’ve already lost most of the things you hold dearest. Your children, your independence, your dignity. So when you tell me that you want to die, I can see why.

    You must feel completely hopeless. So why not just keep using until it takes you from this life? Is that your mindset?

    Yet, it’s very much possible for you to get the important things back. Your children, your independence, your dignity,…your life. You! You can be YOU again! So why not try?

    You have Ron your dad, Brenda, and your brother Ethan. They love you without question. And you have me. I love you without question as well. All of us want to see you be you. We want to see you loving life, with your children. See you as an independent woman who has her dignity back.

    Try Taylor! Stay away from that garbage that is causing you to erode. You are not too far gone! You made a leap when you left Oklahoma. When you left that monster who abused and controlled you. He controlled you by feeding you that drug. That’s what caused you to keep returning to him. It wasn’t love. It was the addiction he was feeding. Anyone who truly loves someone would never feed that fire. They’d try and help their beloved put it out instead.

    I love you. Your family loves you. We want you around. I don’t want to say goodbye to you, not until the day I die and hopefully at a ripe old age.

    Please let us help you help yourself.

    Love and snakes.

    P.S. Don’t ever be afraid or feel ashamed to talk to me.

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