• Theories of Us

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    Red string of Japan,
    The gentle giant knew,
    They carved a sonnet in the cave,
    And a map of stars to flee to.

    They curved the lines just right,
    and marked each letter well
    the alphabet moistened so well on the tongue,
    the glitter of hope prevailed.

    They painted all the pictures,
    Out of delightful, numbing hands,
    Swirled the pinks with the purples
    to devise a loveliest plan

    The blueprints were the most humble lyrics,
    the pages wet with dew,
    the campfire roared as the gentle giant,
    danced on tiptoes towards the moon.

    Red string of Japan,
    a theory often subdued,
    came off the hinges when
    the giant left the world it had now outgrew.

    nothing mourned the absence except flowers,
    who had missed the giant’s shadows height,
    A cooling shade they once had needed,
    now dwindled through the light.

    Felt gravity leaving one,
    and then leaving two,
    but the blues that was sought after,
    went away, once the other knew

    the red string of japan,
    always latched to those who it drew,
    the other wiped their tears,
    and sashayed away the blues.

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    1. Redstringoffate
      March 16, 2017 at 6:27 pm

      I have it tattooed on my pinky. A red string that was for my giant. He was everything and now nothing. We will meet again in another life and maybe next time it won’t be as messy. I had to cut that string but I always have a reminder if how big my love was.

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