• When the snow melts

    by  • March 13, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I didn’t contrive any diction from your words,
    How seldom they were spoken, how little was heard,
    When night writhed in my chest and I engulfed the
    I looked for answers in glasses; shaken, not stirred.

    I didn’t enunciate to be heard clearer,
    Only to make my hurt soothe, as an avalanche became nearer
    I pondered your life like a crystal glass,
    Mine becoming a shattered, wallowing, mess.

    I didn’t pronounce your name for weeks,
    Because I didn’t want to know the mouthful you’d speak,
    If we were to talk like long lost lovers dwelling in unheard cities,
    That hid beneath our eyes.

    I didn’t intend to wallow in your saddening poise,
    As you text a lover that clings to your sweatshirt, furthering your demise,
    I didn’t intend to wallow in this rejection,
    Nor perpetuate such trivial, soulless sputtering ejections.

    All I wanted to tell you was I love you.
    Without clinging on to your vest,
    Without the expectation of it being returned,
    Without a retraction that would cause cardiac arrest.

    I love you my dear on seldom spoken nights,
    When you find my heart fluttering into terrible heights,
    Don’t feel bad my dear, I didn’t expect another reply of sorrow,
    You rejuvenated my heart into blithely remembering the hope of tomorrows

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