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    You might not recognise this or you are very unlikely even on here, but it’s the only way I can try to somehow contact you.
    I still don’t know if you still don’t really want me to, to be honest. But, I feel you do!
    But, don’t know for sure.
    I’ve been missing you more lately. I think you probably maybe think I don’t want to know, but that’s not the case at all.
    I still hope all the time that sometime soon I’ll see you and we can start again or at least move on.
    I wish you would contact me so much.. But I can’t do it for you. Just want you to know that if you did I wont push you away. I know it was you that one time something like 3 years ago when we saw each other and it was chucking it down with rain. I was so awestruck and shocked I was almost completely lost for words. Part of me didn’t want to even say anything, because I was so scared you would run away again and I wouldn’t see you. Also, staring into your eyes was enough. Being honest with you, I do find your eyes almost hypnotic, not saying that I don’t enjoy looking into them because that would be a lie :’) 😉 I do think sometimes our eyes tell us more about someone than actually speaking. But spoken words help to make that confirmation if you get me?

    So what you doing nowadays?
    Missing you. Wishing you the best as always <3 🙂

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