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    I am now understanding what he believed. I now know what he was afraid of. I m starting to question my existence, my reality and i don’t really know what “real” means.At first it was funny because not a single cell of me could accept this idea,but you know,us humans need just a single stimulation to start questioning,to dive in deep waters.But after you think for a while ,you start to accept the idea,and you try to figure more out.what if this is just my imagination?I feel betrayed from my own self.How am i even doing this and more precisely in which part of the universe am i? I became more awakened when i started to see some dreams that felt so real that i needed to just think for a while ,did this happen? how is it possible to feel this much when its just a dream? or isn’t it?
    i guess it ll take time to find an answer…

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