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    I love your mind

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    I saw your video, you have an amazing mind Mr. Handsome. I love the way you think. You did a great job writing an making it. I hope it will reach many souls. You have lightened up my day. Thank you for the encouragement. Related Post I need someone to talk to the good times

    I said bye

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    It has been almost 24 hours since i said bye to you. The hardest 24 hours i have ever had to endure. I went from savoring every minute i had contact with you, to, within a minute, deleting you from my life. You chose your wife, and i understand why, but it doesn’t make it

    My sadness

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    When you told me many years ago not to wait and walked out my door I cried for days. I was depressed when I went back to school. Started painting and other things to cope with how much us parting hurt. Then fate intervened and is all a blur. But I know fate intervened many

    When the snow melts

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    I didn’t contrive any diction from your words, How seldom they were spoken, how little was heard, When night writhed in my chest and I engulfed the burn, I looked for answers in glasses; shaken, not stirred. I didn’t enunciate to be heard clearer, Only to make my hurt soothe, as an avalanche became nearer


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    Dear OG, We could never be! Being with you was like I was more invested in you Man, I forgot to love myself I forgot that I was worthy of someone who wants to claw my clothes off. You disappeared, and told me after a night of semi good sex that you were traveling to