• My Dear Sweet Katelyn…

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    My dear sweet beautiful Katelyn,

    I’m sorry you must see me as annoying and clingy, and you probably think I should just disappear…So I wanted to say I’m so very sorry…And if you want me to go away then….Goodbye (I hope you never ever read this…) Oh and………Katelyn Michelle Holt….I-I really really like you….like, more than you know, and I know you’re with someone else, but I wanted you to know…(Please don’t ever share this Melissa!)-Jax

    I’m sorry if this is weird…Andrew wrote most of this…..but it’s all true, you’re beautiful, funny, smart, and everything we could ever want. I’m in “love” with you, you just want to be friends….But I’m okay with living in constant Pain if you’re happy…I would do anything for you, I would jump in front of a train for you, but I know you wouldn’t do the same. -Andrew

    Iel Andrew just used a quote from a song XD. Well I have nothing to say I’m not good at this! XD -Melissa

    I hope you see this one day, but like when I’m in Florida, or where you can’t talk to me and I can’t make it awkward…Please don’t think I’m weird or crazy or creepy if you see this…(I put a lot of thought into this XD)-Jax

    I like you…A lot actually, I bet Brittyn says this way nicer or more sweet than this whole thing all the time…She probably treats you like you’re a queen or something. You deserve her. She’s kind, sweet, cool, chill, and not clingy at all. You deserve someone way better than me, so I’m happy that you’re with someone that makes you feel good everyday!-Philly

    All the love in my heart,
    -Andrew, Melissa, Philly, And Jax(Hard to think Jax would like someone XD)

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