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    You know what makes me sad? Today, you were sitting on the bench in the park with your dog. Alone. You texted and the thing is you know exactly what it is that could make you happy, and you don’t even reach out for it. It’s right there. I’m right here! I always have been for six years watching go from woman to woman. Those relationships didn’t last long, because they were never right for you. I’m right here and exactly what you really need and yet you deny me. You deny us.

    What do I have to do to get you to see that I’m real. That I’m down to earth and fun to be with and trustworthy. I’m right here! Yet, all you are going to do is turn to Sara. Is she right for you? I don’t know. She seems like a really great person. If it works out for you and her then that will make me happy seeing you happy. But right now you are not happy. With everything that you have and you have everything going for you there is still something missing and you know it and I know it.

    Why can’t you give us a try? Don’t pretend that everything you’ve done has been for someone else, because I know good and well that you care for me just as much as I care for you. The decisions you’ve made all point back to the truth and that is that you care more then you care to admit.

    I’m so close to getting through to you and yet so far away. How is this even possible! I want you! I want us! How could you not?

    Tonight I’m feeling down. The thought of you being alone hurts. I hate that thought that you are alone. I want to be there with you, but I can’t until you step forward and until you yourself decide that you want me. I can’t choose for you. It has to be your decision.

    I wish that I could prove to you that I’m the girl that you need. That I admire and respect you and trust you…even after all that you have put me through. Take a chance on me. I will never make you feel like you are alone.

    We can face life together. Maybe you are beginning to hate me. I hope not. I hope with love that you will choose me. We could finally sit on a bench made for two with your dog and my dog once I get one. You don’t have to go this alone.

    I’ll always be here for you until you make the decision to get married or something. Then I would have to step away. You know I always come back to you. I always do. I’ve made the choice that it’s you that I want.

    How come you refuse to see that?


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