• I really cared about you…

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    happy anniversary
    it read it the front of a letter I know you paid more than 99 cents for. and I loved it. I cried when I opened it and for some reason I always believed you.. and for a minute I felt things were great.. you always called me boo and baby girl.. you tried to be enough for me and for some reason you fell short.. for some reason it hurts more that I saw your tears and feelings and I was so devastated and hurt that it all became numb I just went with the flow and we all know it hurt worse. I still miss you, the old you. the things we did and attempted it felt nice, like we almost had it. to me I feel the worse for it like I changed you and broke your trust and I did. And you saw the good in me and I think I tried but I couldn’t and the guilt was left inside me that I starting giving up. on you on me.. on us and it’s hard. I think about you a lot and I want to make things right but I can’t. i’ll cry more and more but I was happy with you. I think I thought to hard and made it clear a love forever wasn’t me, I was scared and always am. You were beyond caring and respectful… goofy and talented I thought highly. and I kinda still do… I think back to you and I carry the hate inside me for the things I did.

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