• Why I Didn’t Report My Rapist

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    I was a 13 year old child. I try to tell myself differently.

    I knew no better. I didn’t know it was wrong for adults to be doing things to children. I didn’t know what was happening. You asked me if I was sure; I said yes. I encouraged it. A child can not encourage a rape. A child is not responsible for what happens to them.

    I didn’t know it was rape until much later. I was 16 when I realized what had happened to me. I spoke to him at 18- he did it to someone else. I didn’t want to ruin his life. Did he know better? It was an accident after all , right?

    I didn’t have the support I needed. I didn’t know I would ever be so impacted. I didn’t want to keep the negative things. I didn’t want to be affected by it.

    Silence is an act of violence in itself.

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    1. a reader
      March 9, 2017 at 4:02 am

      When I was 13 I wouldn’t have considered myself a child anymore. I was quite grown up, I thought. As a result every visible weakness was a big shame. I think I would have been ashamed to death, if I had agreed to something like this and my parents would have found out.

      I remember an awkward situation in that age when a doctor made me take off my panties in front of my mum. It was so embarrassing to me. Yet I was too shy to just say no. And this is nothing compared to what you must have gone through.

      Noone can change what happened to you, but you decide how much you let this affect you in the future. Don’t let this shit ruin your life.

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