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    Saw a tall guy who looked like you at Walmart last night. You were walking towards me as I was walking out the door and I couldn’t look at you, because I was afraid of you seeing me like this. I’ve gained 80 pounds since you saw me last in 2012. I was afraid that if it was you that I would see rejection in your eyes. Even after all this time you still make my heart beat fast and bells start ringing. No other guy has done that to me but you.

    I often wonder how you are and what you are doing now or if you are back with your old girlfriend. There isn’t a day that goes by that I regret letting you go. You sitting on that rock wall still goes through my mind everyday. Her sitting next to you also comes to mind. But that day you were sad, because we weren’t together and I had no idea that you felt that way about me until it was too late.

    In all honesty it wouldn’t have worked then. I was getting ready to be separated and I wasn’t divorced yet. I was still very much in love with him even though he treated me badly. But it’s over and he is remarried now and all I wish is to have a chance with you.

    I have falling in love since then but it’s unrequited love, but in all honesty I’ve never gotten over you completely and if I were to choose between the two of you I would always choose you. I hope that you are happy. If you are that’s all that matters.

    I still look for you when I’m driving down the road and peer at the cars to see if you are on the road too. When I’m out shopping I hope that I’ll bump into you and we can have the chance that we never got to have you and me.

    If you are still here and have been keeping quiet these past few years I’d say yes in a heart beat to you if you asked me.

    Are you here?

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