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    Dear Marius,

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    You have my blessing to chase Cosette, but I’m still waiting in the wings. If you truly aren’t interested in me, I will be okay, but just in case you are, I want you to know that I am here, waiting. You don’t even have to knock, really; the door is already open. Love, Eponine

    To my girl S.F.

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    December 2016, worst time of my life. Homeless without money kicked out of the apartment, job running on the end of contract, counting every cent I had with me. I was born in a big family with 3 brothers and through my life i have never been so lonely in my life.I was thinking really

    To her

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    Lol! I did get your comment and realized your declaration was from a female towards a male and I thought it was to me. But you did say you commented to me on another letter and you just forgot to erase my name when you commented on this other letter. So no guys on here