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    I’ve decided you are not someone I can really keep in my inner circle anymore. You say things that sound good, but don’t follow through. It’s been enough years that I’m not doing this again. I’m at a critical point in my life where I need real people, who back up their words, who mean what they say and don’t say it if they don’t mean it. I’m not holding myself responsible for believing in you, but I will hold myself responsible if I do it again. You don’t deserve someone like me, because I would never do you like that, and I don’t deserve someone like you, because you do. I just want out. I don’t even feel the same way for you anymore after this. You’re really not even a friend. I don’t know what you even want with me. But when I let my guard down and open up or lean on you, you crush me and try to make me feel less than and leave me to be. You never offer support that isn’t convenient for you already; you’re not fooling me. I’ve decided I’m not relying on your words anymore, and I’m not confiding in you either. I worried that you weren’t sincere in the beginning, but my love for you, let you in when I knew better. I was always sincere in my desire to help you; it was honest and pure and filled with love and kindness. If I can’t get that from you, I don’t want anything, so I’m moving on, without you. I’m better off. Who needs friends.. me. And thank God, I have others.

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    1. Someone
      March 8, 2017 at 9:29 am

      I believe this may have been written by the same author as just to be clear, which I also commented on.

      I know it’s tough when someone lets us down, but people will surprise you sometimes, too. It sounds like you are placing too much value on this friend and might need to consider down-grading. Some people just don’t have the empathy or concern others do, yet they are perfect as fun friends only. Someone we enjoy spending time with, but don’t bear our souls to.

      I have no doubt this friend hurt you, and you are most likely more invested, but maybe their intention was never to hurt you, and they are doing the best they can.

      However, if it was purposeful and hateful, then please try to let it go, for your own sake. Dwelling on pain inflicted by others only gives them power they don’t deserve. I learned a long time ago that my expectations of others fueled my disappointments. I’ve since removed expectations as much as possible, and try to accept loved ones for who they are and what they do offer, and I’m rarely disappointed, because in the end, no one owes us anything as tough as that is to accept sometimes. Even then, it’s still always okay to ask for help, so don’t be ashamed for doing so. Just let it go and find someone who is willing to help out more.

      I understand because I too am having to lean on others more than I like lately. I’m sorry you are going through this. Good luck.

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