• Two girls, one heart

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    Girl one,
    Found on the internet. In every way loveable, in every way what I need in my life.
    Why can’t I love her.
    How do I in good conscience keep dating her, without knowing if I could ever really love her. She deserves better than that.
    How do I access that part of me and flip the switch?

    Girl two,
    Found at work some time back. Just as lovable, just as good for me. She has my heart.
    But she doesn’t want it.
    But my heart won’t listen.
    Each day I see her a new hope grows, a new knife plunges in.
    Each day I respect her decision and accept no for an answer, but I can’t help loving her. God why does she have to be so kind about it. Be cruel, I don’t want to hate her but then I don’t want to love her either.

    How do I call my foolish heart to heel?
    How do I carve her out of my heart, or must I wait for it to grow enough to accommodate another? How long does that take? I am running out of patience.
    My sister is right. I think too much, but then I feel too much too. That’s why I drink, alone.

    The lonely man with the sad kind eyes

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    1. haha
      March 3, 2017 at 4:49 pm

      Oh, the lonely man 😀

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