• to my little sister

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    I wish we were closer and I know by now that its my fault. I can’t set down my pain with the fact on how my brother let his wife treat me and how he was just so clueless. You told me you understood why I didn’t come around, I’m sure its always a bad topic. you’ve told me that it causes arguments at home and its not just you that’s told me… but I miss having you around, I always figured id be by your side and instead I’m dropping in like a visitor from a far when I used to live a block or 2 away. now i’m scared of you not loving me. because I let you down.. or the fact that I feel so weak compared to you and knowing I have no idea what’s really going, maybe its nothing. but still.. we were much more closer. and I regret being away everyday. I know mom and dad are pretty much made up and what we do remember we cling to. it still hurts. You and me we planned on leaving.. I was sure to take you with me. now I just feel like a let down because I kinda did. I ran and saved from myself from being so damn sad.. as soon as I could I ran.. I hope you know I love you so much and a text isn’t enough. it’s the real thing. it’s seeing you.. you’re smart. but the hurt you feel you hide it clearly and it makes me wish I knew you.
    From your big sister Des
    I hope one day we can be closer without feeling like were guarded
    hopeful we will remain in touch and maybe closer

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