• Why ?

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    Why bind someone for eternity if you never intended to love ?
    Why hurt someone whose only folly was choosing to stay?
    Why make someone to cut their wings so to fit your conceptual box of right and wrong?
    Why poison someone slowly that they don’t even recognise themselves no more ?
    Why not let another be who they are , fly in the sky spreading their wings ?
    Why not love them for choosing you not another?
    Why not recognise and thank them for not letting u be alone in the cold?
    Should you punish them for holding your hands and calling it home?
    I didn’t know what it meant to share life with another but definitely getting hurt every day was not what I planned on while embarking on new adventure.

    Set me free .. I am an eagle , in the cage I am trapped let me breathe just a little bit.. let me fly and be the one I am meant to be.

    You can’t love me for who I am… every thing that makes me special irks you.. you can get me and I can’t get you.
    Y pretend when neither one of us are happy.

    I am tired of trying to please the one who can never be pleased.
    Tired of wearing facade and tired of not being loved.
    I deserve to be loved if not by someone else atleast by myself .
    Why turn me in to a person I hate to be?
    Set me free .. I want to fly

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