• To the one who said they understtod

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    Dear John, I don’t know what went so wrong.. felt like a normal couple.. like we both were just trying to figure stuff out. both our families were shitty so falling on each other made it so much easier. But not all people are mind readers.. and I couldn’t save you from being a drug addict just like you couldn’t help me from self-harming. After we broke up you partied and overdosed in the hospital.. and said it was my fault.. you woke up and said you didn’t mean It.. I think I deserved to die for being wrong again and again and knowing I was bad. I still feel like I’m only a bad thing. Now I think I’m the worst thing that happened to you.. you were great but you weren’t always. you did hit me and I still went over the next day because you were crying and you kicked me out. I still tried to be just friends but I know it drove you mad and for me it was a sad hollow feeling like each and every time we got back to arguments I would wanna scream because the fact that we got this bad was hurting me physically. my mind was in loops and my heart was always chasing something hoping to feel complete but i’m still empty. still hollow. and now. you’re in jail I seen you one last time.. and you know what.. I’ll always love you as a person but I cannot keep thinking of the past because we are both gone and on a new path..

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