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    I hope all is well with you. I’ve been writing this since our second court date. Yes I was hurt by your action of taking me to court and putting my job at risk. Yes I was hurt from you having people message me. I was hurt from the breakup. Yes I was lost for a lil bit but during that time i’ve found myself I’ve found my confidence. I found the glow that I lost while being with you. I’m writing you to tell you I do not hate you or wish anything horrible to happen to you. I could have pressed charges on you but I didn’t. My lawyer advised me to sue you but I didn’t. I still care about you no matter how much you hate me and wanna see me burn. When I reached out to you in October I did it out of concern and compassion to see if you was ok. I never slashed your tires scratched your truck or everything else you told people I did. I loved you and I still love you. I just thank God for giving me the opportunity to love and be in love with you. I wouldn’t trade our memories for anything. Just to let you know I have yet to grieve my cousins death because of this court situation. And I haven’t Ben able to pay for my physical therapy for my hand after my truck crash. I know you was expecting me to do something stupid like message you while there was a restraining order and I would have but i’m just to distracted. distracted with my transfer in the post office from mail carrier to supervisor training, distracted with working with Tory l. on a song with his new mixtape.(I actually sent you the beat before).These are all things I would not have been able to accomplish if it wasn’t for you. So yes there’s not one day where I’m not thinking of you. There’s not one day where I feel the disappointment of being in such a good place and not having the woman I struggled and grew up with be next to me. I’m living out goals that I promised to you and that’s why it hurts. We been through so much together good and bad. A lot of things that I do now always brings my mind on to you. Im pretty sure you moved on and have a new love interest you being so beautiful I just want you to be happy I want you to be ok I want you to succeed in everything you put your mind on. Remember you said to me always be good and make the right choice? Well I’m telling you that now. Be honest don’t hide secrets and truly love the person who chooses to love you. just to let you know I haven’t moved into a relationship and probably wont. Yeah i dated but nobody still compares to you and finding a upgrade from you is damn near impossible.risking my heart and feelings, restarting 6 years just to loose someone I am terrified. I can’t do that. I remember our first kiss and we said that we wouldn’t be able to handle love if we broke up that we would always be there for each other no matter what happen. Trust me I understand what you meant when you said you wouldn’t be able to handle a friendship with me it hurts being in the same room with you not being able to walk over and talk to you. This is why I can never love someone ever again besides you because I am scared of what someone else is capable to do to me. Listen I’m sorry I apologize for all the hurt and confusion I caused you.and if you was ever asking if I ever truly loved and cared about you well the answer is yes I do.i want to marry you have kids with you have our driver that we always joked about. You are my soulmate and the one that I lost. I hope school and work is going good for you I hope everything is good with you. Just letting you know I’m still here I’m still strong and better than ever. I miss you god knows I do. But I just hope all is well with you. 2016 was ruff I lost my best friend my first love my heart and soulmate. Best of luck with everything. You know I’m here if you ever wanna talk.
    Love always

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