• Just to be clear

    by  • March 2, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 3 Comments

    I don’t expect your sympathy. I don’t expect anything from you.

    I just have to let it all out sometimes, not to you necessarily, just in general. Everything builds up and I don’t have anyone to talk to and I can’t afford to pay anyone to talk to me so I just need to vent sometimes.

    I’m sorry. Please forgive me for being such a weak pathetic little bitch.

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    3 Responses to Just to be clear

    1. A friend
      March 2, 2017 at 4:45 pm

      You are not weak or pathetic. I’d always be willing to listen. Here or IRL.


    2. Heartshards
      March 2, 2017 at 7:28 pm

      Actually it takes strength to admit and let out your feelings. The weakest of of hide them, and don’t acknowledge them. Now the problem is if you play the victim card all too often for it to be real…Instead of embracing your strength and fighting on through pain, anguish, fear, sadness, failure, regret, guilt…what have you.


    3. Someone who understands
      March 3, 2017 at 11:46 am

      I have been feeling something similar myself. It’s okay to let it out and lean on others, so know you are worthy. Doing so doesn’t make you pathetic or weak, and your anger even shows a little bit of feist. I, myself, barely have that kind of energy, so there is a positive note for you! Although I can afford the therapist and or meds, I’m stubborn and refuse to go that route. Not because it’s beneath me, but because I barely want to open up to loved ones, let alone a stranger, and again less I see best for me right now. I’m accepting that I’m overwhelmed, and rightfully so. But friends, family and loved ones can help you through it. I’ve also been reminding myself this feeling is temporary, so I hope you do the same. It’s completely okay to feel whatever it is you’re feeling, even if others don’t understand. You do, and that’s all that matters. Embrace it because obviously it’s exactly what you need to feel at that moment in time. It will get better and you will be stronger because of it. There is nothing pathetic about surviving a struggle!! Good luck to you and I wish you the best!



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