• Dear David

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    Dear David,
    I’m so terribly frustrated with you. you hurt me. you broke me…again. my whole life people have been telling me not to let others choose when you i am happy. but i did.. oh of course i did. i was so naive, still am. i trusted you. i put 100% of my faith in you… in us. you were there for me, you were my best friend. i admired you and your stupid smiley face tattoo. you made me smile when i wanted to do nothing but cry. you held me in your arms and whispered that everything would be okay. you drove me around in your stupid minivan and talked to me for hours until i felt well enough to be on my own. i loved you. perhaps i wasn’t in love with you but i loved you nether less. i will always remember the look you gave me when you came out of the managers office. i knew i fucked up. but all these lies people are telling you are just that, you’re the liar, David, you lied to me the whole time, you lied to her. i should have known. i was just a stupid little girl that knew that you were using me from the start but did i care? no. because i loved the attention. i was so scared of losing you that i lost myself along the way. i quit because of you. i knew there was no hope in us going back to the way things were. you got what you wanted and what did i get from it? a broken heart. i just want you to know that despite everything you’ve said and done to me, i still stick up for you. i still tell people the good stories about you instead of the bad ones. overtime i want to get over it… over you. David, no one will ever make me feel the way you did. nothing will ever compare to the way you made my heart skip a beat every time you looked at me or smiled. i love you David. but i want to move on. i want to heal.

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