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    I get really into how people use wardrobe and appearance and style as a reflection of personality. I also get incredible frustrated when my surroundings ate more critical of my appearance than I normally would be myself. I think being a fairly recent new mom it shouldn’t be over-analyzed when I have a frumpy day,

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    Post birthday wishes Bestie

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    ……….And even after three four days I could not top wishing you my cutie pie…. some times it may be because it’s the last school year and its almost over….. that count down irritates me more than ever…. Your b’day could divert me from that distraction.. You made it girl… you could make me smile

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    To my dad

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    Dad, Do you never feel like Mom tore the family apart? She dragged me with her, halfway across the world, and didn’t even have the decency to ask if we wanted this. I gave her my blessing to follow her dreams. I never gave her my blessing to take me with her. Wouldn’t she be

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    DJ Cat

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    I want to believe that I am lucky. Peer into the rabbit hole. I will shower you with inappropriate gestures and bring you as close to home as I can get you. Oonse-gat-oonse-gat-oonse-gat-oonse-gat… Related Post Hi. no one bites me like you This is a waste of time.

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