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    I get really into how people use wardrobe and appearance and style as a reflection of personality.

    I also get incredible frustrated when my surroundings ate more critical of my appearance than I normally would be myself. I think being a fairly recent new mom it shouldn’t be over-analyzed when I have a frumpy day, but I musta had a few too many because I’m wounded when I receive a few critical comments on my weight by a neighbor and my husband..despite positive reinforcement from a number of people over a few months..this is what my mind fixated on in the decision to say fuck it and get an entirely new wardrobe. I just want to feel like a lovely and complimentary addition to my surroundings, and I’ve taken immense pleasure in the compliments Ive received for the efforts made.

    During those points of doubting my ability to be something that is seen and considered beautiful, I take a lot of comfort coming here, because as if continuing a conversation with someone who reads my thoughts I find loving and encouraging words after a night of feeling angsty.

    I mean..I also see letters that are contradictory or more sharp than those letters of unconditional love and those serve as a different type of literary stimulus, but I enjoy picturing connecting in those ways that are uplifting.

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