• Dear mom and dad

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    Mom, I know you are in a very very hard time but I do hope you still will think rationally, because I know you are smart underneath all the hurt you’ve got from dad. Despite all problems I wish you get along with dad a bit more. I know you are acting cool for our sake but what we want is for you to REALLY AND SINCERELY get along.

    Dear dad, you did so so many wrong stuff and yet I’m pretty sure you still don’t understand the weight of the situation. But whatever it is, I also know that you feel like you should be a much more responsible dad. But at the same time I don’t think it means spending so much on us, or not complaining too much and keeping to yourself be a you don’t want to be blamed for making this situation. You reap what you sow, but I do hope you realize you now have not 4 but 6 daughters so take care of and you’ll be wise.

    Dear God,
    I think everyone in my family is into believing that they SHOULD spend money on everything because dad has not been a good dad. While I know it is true that dad makes mum cry all the time just like I know that you’ll know exactly what I want to say even if I don’t write this letter, I want to say that god, please make everything understand each other. I don’t think that just because dad has a second wife does not mean everyone has to be in a competition as to who spends the money most. I don’t think mum is thinking rationally right now, but I also don’t want my younger sisters to be all mobey minded freaks when they grow up, just because of their parents problems. Please, I do hope you’ll help them all guide in the right path.

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