• Sorry for your anger

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    I am truly sorry for the anger, hatred, and pain that you harbor. I’ve seen your comments and so understand that you have been hurt. It is so very obvious. I’ve been cheated on too ya know. And the pain is sometimes unbearable. But just remember that you are breathing and walking and talking and moving on. And I forgive you for your hatred and anger. Some people believe that the laws of the land rule the heart. I don’t. I don’t believe that one remains faithful simply because that is what society says to do due to children, or marriage or sex or anything else. I feel that one remains faithful by expressing oneself. For example, within a marriage or relationship or what have you, if one feels temptation (and let’s face it, one or the other does with something sooner or later, be it drugs, another person, shopping addiction…Whatever.) if one feels the temptation, they express it and lean on the other for support and guidance. That is true friendship to me. True partnership. True unconditional love. It’s a hard conversation, to be sure. But it’s the only way to strengthen the relationship and yourself and move on from the temptation. Partnerships get through it together, and if one falters, they forgive. Each other and themselves. Because the bottom line is: we are all human. No one is perfect. If a partner feels take. Advantage of over and over, it is time to move on. Strength. On both parties parts. Strength. To move past.

    Now you may say, then express it to the partner and not here. What if they have tried, and the partner is no longer there? As if the partner is somehow pushing them toward this temptation? How do they let the steam out then? Maybe they come here, where they feel a level of safety.

    I am sorry that you were hurt. Perhaps people are trying to overcome their temptations here. An outlet of sorts. Perhaps some are trying to remain strong and not take that drink or not give into that man that makes them feel after years of numbness. Perhaps we are all human and should be forgiven. Just because their sin is different from yours, doesn’t make it worse. We are all sinners. We all deserve forgiveness and compassion. None of us are Gods here.

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