• …echoes of a tired broken heart

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    oh YOU if u knew the fire in me that still burns for you…

    the kind of fire that would burn us all night long and into the day

    u would know it is me right now here if u were here,

    this site tho it is a headfuck i fell habit of reading it every morning noon and evening

    wondering if u were here, wondering if u read my letters of despair

    hoping maybe u see this one and join the dots i’m doing a lot better now

    life is pretty cool and i know i have grown a lot and u are the girl i fell for,

    beyond any other feeling in the world u are the one who made my heart shatter,

    as i picked up the pieces of my broken heart,

    the true anguish of unrequited love sank in,

    i escaped and needed to for my whole self-esteem and dignity was at stake.

    i lost my mind and i tried to rebuild things i got lost in my passions

    i grew a thicker skin and gained more confidence in what i wanted to do

    now i have an amazing life in front of me i wish u could be by my side,

    i miss u so much and well, i hope to hear from u.

    it can always be no drama just know my heart has fallen a trillion miles deep for u,

    and well u already knew that. i hope u can forgive me for being such a douche.

    i love u

    Dreaming of u forever,
    your fallen prince

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