• Dear Justin

    by  • February 25, 2017 • Art of the Letter • 0 Comments

    You deserve no acknowledgement from me whatsoever. Communicating with you is the last fucking thing I want to do and is a waste of my precious time and energy. Nor do I care at all to hear what you so desperately have to say. I can assure you, that there is absolutely nothing you could do or say to “make things right” or change my opinion of you. That, which is I find you the most revolting, pathetic, disgusting, sick, twisted, douchebag, loser, son of a bitch to have ever walked the face of the Earth. And that’s an understatement! Words can’t describe just how little I think of you. Please, don’t flatter yourself. Do not mistake my opinion of you as a reflection of my well-being. I am not sad, I am not mad, I am not scorned, I am not missing you or thinking about you. I have been too busy bettering myself and being happy. Which came easy! Because ever since you have been out of my life, every aspect of my life has gotten significantly better! It’s as if though a black cloud got out of the way of the sun. All you ever did was bring me down. You used me. Manipulated me. Broke me down mentally and made me question my own morals, beliefs, self-worth and even sanity. You tried your best to turn me against those closest to me in order to isolate me. You lied to me. You instilled fear in me. Pushed me to my limits, past my breaking points. You played off of my emotions. You were unfaithful to me. You took me for every penny I had. You used my good nature and pure heart to your advantage. You discovered my weaknesses and insecurities, exploited them and used them against me. You never loved me. You never cared about me. You never respected me. To you, I was nothing more than another ‘pawn’ in your game called life. You fooled me. Congratulations! You are a classic sociopath. To the fucking tee. You lack empathy. You lack guilt. You lack humility. You are self-centered. Cunning and conniving, in the most sadistic way. Egotistical. Narcissistic. You are a walking, talking empty vessel shrouded in lies and deceit. A silver tongued, con artist, who can wear many masks. But what’s behind the mask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because you don’t know who you are. You don’t know what you like. You don’t feel joy. You don’t feel love. So you fake it. And THAT is what you are: FAKE. Unfortunately, I could only see you for what you are in hindsight. But thank fucking god that I have. I only wish I would have left sooner. I could have saved myself so much trouble and time. Just fucking know, that time is all you stole from me Justin. I am not damaged. I am stronger and all the wiser. I am full of joy. I am full of hope. I am not discouraged from love. I still believe in it and am not afraid to go after it. As a matter of fact, I think I might have found it. And I pity you, because that’s something you will never truly feel or experience. I am free. I am happy. I have moved on a long time ago. And although you will never find true happiness, I do suggest you move on. Continually attempting to contact me or my friends is not welcome. And I strongly advise you to restrain from doing so. I have been in contact with the police. They are aware of everything you have said and done since we have broken up, including the time you called my job posing as someone else and threatening my manager regarding my whereabouts. Psycho, much? If you fail to heed my advice, I will not hesitate to have the police further involved. That is not a threat. That is not a challenge. That is a mother fucking fact. Leave me the hell alone. ??

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