• (Not So) Great Expectations

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    Expectation – definition: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

    Expectation – synonyms: supposition, presumption, conjecture, assumption…

    It occurred to me that an assumption is a kind of expectation. Therefore, if I assume that a letter here, or some other action by you is in fact directed to me, I am placing an expectation that it is you, and that my response to said letter or action will be followed by a response validating my initial assumption.

    That seems logical to me. So, since I am no longer in the business of creating expectations of others, particularly you, I can no longer in good conscience make any assumptions regarding any perceived attempts by you to reach out to me. I hope that seems logical to you.

    I will say that, while I certainly had no expectation of this, I had hoped, given the directness of my last approach towards you (which you certainly were not expecting), that your future approaches towards me (if any) would be more direct in kind. While, at least so far, that has not seemed to be the case, it does not affect me in any meaningful way, because, as stated previously, I had no expectations that my most recent attempt to reconnect with you would generate any kind of response from you, good or bad.

    I appreciate your understanding.


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    1. Excellent wordplay
      February 26, 2017 at 3:26 am

      I just read this and and actually took the time to comprehend it. Provided a good laugh, although I am not sure if the intended effect was satire or not.

      Thank you?



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