• Love never fails

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    Dear you,
    It’s been four years, this November we mark down the five. I’ve been patiently waiting for changes, having a child with you at a young age made me realize that you weren’t ready even if you were 8 years older. I’ve been loyal and faithful, hopefully for the most part that you would learn to value me. You bring me down with your excuses. You don’t let me be happy, it saddens me to know you’re addicted to pain killers .I can’t do this anymore, I’ve gotten humiliated along the way and I’m the only one hurt in all of this. Just the other day you mentioned how I wasn’t enough for you. You were sober but when your high things are different. You don’t a have empathy, you don’t understand me. I’m afraid I’ll have to let go because I am a mother not just a woman. My child deserves better than the treatment you give us. This love thing has never worked out for me.

    Let me breath, let me be happy

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