• Love Never Fades

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    To Jonathan J. G.,

    Smhs…no matter how hard I try…these feelings just won’t change…Idk.. maybe because your my son’s father or my heart will forever be in love with who you once were…or maybe because it’s no where in my nature to be ugly and always see the good in ppl. Lol Jonanthan J. G…why is life so complicated with you. but regardless times with you so are worth living. Dispite all the nonsence you’ve allowed dumb dumb to control over you when its great its amazing. you may or may not love me or her or who ever…but I would love it more if you would give yourself a chance to love yourself again. The you when we first started. Regardless if you had cheated on me from the beginning. Not that it i was ok but you made me feel loved and respected as your women, treated me as your only queen as i treated you my king. I know alot of our losts within the past few years drove us apart. As strong as i tried my harest to stay it killed me to see you destroy yourself physically and even more mentally and emotionally. And as a grown man… i really had no control of stopping you. You just stop giving a f***. Like you had no shame in your actions even if it meant hurting those closest too you, espically your kids. Im not going to give you my new phone anymore, at least until i know for sure you are in control of you and I wont be having to have phone calls/ messages I don’t need to be dealing with. I’m welling to move foward with being friends with you as long as you keep it 100 with me. Don’t lie to me, if you with her, fucking her, love her, whatever it is with her…even if it’s “just about money” with her. you and I should not be anything more than just two civil friends co parenting. Well i really hope you’re ok and doing better. ttyl

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