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    by  • February 22, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    you don’t think you used me but you did..
    & you’ll never admit it ether…
    When I asked to stop screwing you refused, then later you called me nothing but a sex addict
    which I don’t get.. I said I wanted to be fwb and you insisted love.
    that’s when we clashed. you no longer accepted that I didn’t want to settle instead you did everything but be mine. because once I agreed to date… a title left your mind. you weren’t sure. but you knew that you wanted me to act right. obey.
    I know it’s a control thing.. and I won’t let you have any on me. you think I’ll miss you and your fuck. but I wont. it hurts to feel like you want me when its just a thought in my head for the most part..
    You said that I was bad the last time, don’t say I don’t trust you I let you give me welts and bruises to your likings and I let you claim me and re name me on my terms. I miss when we had a bond like that.. you could call me names and make me beg for something pretend.. but not when its just me, openly ready. used to know what you needed now I don’t.

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